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A simple, secure and open data lake platform to accelerate machine learning, streaming and ad hoc analytics, on data lakes.

Ad-hoc Analysis

Develop and deliver advanced ad-hoc analytics to the team

With Qubole’s Workbench, author, save, template and share reports and queries. With optimized ANSI/ISO-SQL (Presto) service, built-in integrations with Tableau and Looker, and out-of-the-box Git integration share reports and queries with single click.

Data Pipelines

Collect and process stateful events, replay and reprocess data, and integrate with monitoring and alerting solutions.

With Qubole’s Assisted Pipeline Builder, you can build streaming data pipelines combining multiple streaming or batch data sources to gain real-time insights. Underlying fault-tolerant infrastructure ensures the accuracy and consistency of your data and results.

Machine Learning

Build, share and collaborate on machine learning and analytical models.

With Qubole platform’s offline editing, multi-language interpreter and version control capabilities deliver faster results. Leverage Qubole notebook to monitor application status, job progress, use the integrated package manager and visualize with Qviz

Data Engineering

Explore, build, and deliver data pipelines with ease.

With Qubole, automate end-to-end pipelines and avoid data ingestion and preparation bottlenecks and meet SLAs. Efficiently manage your data pipelines with the flexibility to use preferred programming language and data processing frameworks.

Data Management

Do faster data discovery, have quicker response time, and automated statistics collection.

With Qubole, you can build and manage metadata, discover and explore data dependencies, and provide indices and statistics to improve workload performance.

Platform Runtime

Automatically provision, manage, and optimize cloud resources balancing cost, workload, and performance requirements.

With Qubole, you can scale your compute infrastructure seamlessly on any cloud to accommodate new data and users without additional administrative overhead.

Security and Governance

Built-in multi-layer approach to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information.

Qubole provides ACID compliance based granular read/write data capabilities for regulatory compliance. Secure access with encryption and RBAC controls. Integrated with leading cloud provider IAMs, AD and LDAP implementations for the same data access privileges.

Qubole has helped us federate data, manage data pipelines, streamline infrastructure management and leverage open source technologies to support our efforts in building enterprise-grade ad fraud prevention. - Pravin Todkar, Senior Engineer, AI, Data, and Cloud Services, TrafficGuard Read the case study