Data Should Create Value, Not Complexity

Qubole greatly simplifies, speeds and scales big data analytics workloads against data stored on AWS, Google, or Azure clouds. Spend more time delivering shareholder value and less time on infrastructure wrangling.



Enterprise Ready

Get everything you need set up and ready to go in a solution with one consistent interface and unified metadata.


Set….And Forget!

Focus on business insights not managing infrastructure.


Accelerate Time to Value

Deploy in days not months while paying only for what you use with advanced auto-scaling.

quoteSimply put, Qubole is awesome. It’s put our cluster management, auto-scaling and ad-hoc queries on autopilot. Its higher performance for Big Data queries translates directly into faster and more actionable marketing intelligence for our customers.”

Yakesa Kosuru
Vice President, Technology
quoteQubole gave us the usability and scalability we need to drive insights from adoption of big data across our entire enterprise.”

Adam Rose
Chief Technology Officer
quoteUsing Qubole Data Service, we have reduced our monthly cluster processing costs by 50%. And, we’re getting more for our money. Advanced features such as auto-scaling and S3 I/O optimization provide more flexibility and faster turnaround time to support the needs of our business users.”

Shailesh Garg
Head of Analytics
Komli Media

Every team in your organization gets things done faster and easier.



Deliver more value in less time without an expensive and risky implementation… no upfront costs, no switching costs, and pay-per-use consumption.

Business Analysts

Get self-service analytics using familiar SQL queries running on powerful analytic engines such as MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Presto, Hive and Pig.


Rapidly build applications using your choice of languages, tools, SDKs and modern cloud integration backed by exceptional customer support.


quoteMaking our business users self-sufficient got us where we wanted to be.”

Adam Rose
Chief Technology Officer
quoteWe needed something that was reliable and easy to learn, setup, use and put into production without the risk and high expectations that comes with committing millions of dollars in upfront investment.”

Marc Rosen
Senior Director of Data Analytics
quoteOverall, Qubole has been a huge win for us, and we’ve been very impressed by the Qubole team’s expertise and implementation.”

Mohammad Shahangian
Data Engineer
Learn How Our Customers Reach Cloud-Scale
Leverage Your Cloud

Qubole gives you the flexibility to choose your cloud(s). Qubole's auto-scaling provides unlimited scalability, automatically adding or removing compute resources to reflect usage.