Platform Runtime Services

Delivers compact cloud footprint, workload-aware auto-scaling, and intelligent spot management from day one.

Automated Cluster Lifecycle Management

Eliminate cloud compute costs associated with idle clusters.

Qubole automatically shuts down a cluster without the risk of data loss when there are no more active jobs which means you only play for the compute you use.

Workload-aware Autoscaling

Upscale, downscale, and rebalance clusters with complete context of the workload, SLA, and priority for each job running on the cluster.

Qubole’s workload-aware architectural approach to autoscaling delivers significant benefits such as reliability, cost, and responsiveness.

Intelligent Spot Management

Optimize the use of Spot instances (AWS or Google), resulting in cloud compute cost savings of up to 80%.

Use policy-based Spot instance management to balance performance, cost, and SLA requirements.

If it wasn't for Qubole, we would have probably been delayed months to a year in embarking on our big data journey. We would have missed all the insights from the data — insights that have been a strong driver of so many of our growth strategies. - Barkha Saxena, VP, Data Science & Analytics, Poshmark
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