Ad-hoc Analytics

Higher productivity, faster time to value and scale to support a larger number of concurrent users.

Reduce time-to-insight with Qubole Workbench and pre-built integrations with Tableau, Looker, PowerBI and more. Enable users to query and analyze structured & semi-structured datasets in data lakes with ease.


Easily discover and explore data sources.

Connect to new datasets, and preview data. Identify data set complexity by performing data profiling.


Compose queries using a unified interface.

Select the optimal scalable infrastructure (Spark, Hive, Presto) for your query. Save and search your queries. Avoid protracted infrastructure procurement cycles.


Preview results.

Visualize data schemas and table structure. Study data usage patterns: most used columns, most frequent users, partition columns, etc. Download complete result sets to visualize in the data visualization tool of your choice.


Use logs to uncover errors.

Visualize command progress and identify bottlenecks. Gain workload insights and optimize your queries.

Share Results

Look-up command history.

Schedule queries. Group queries using tags. Collaborate and share results with notebooks and dashboards. Learn from documented examples.

Qubole Workbench provides:

  • Multi-engine (Spark, Hive, Presto) querying capabilities.
  • Superior Debugging capabilities and user experience.
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Capability to put workflows into production.
  • Search
  • Command and result set history.