Through Qubole, the reliance of Data Analysts and Scientists on Data Administrators or Data Architects for the provisioning of computing clusters and resources becomes a thing of the past. Once the phase of exploratory data analysis and/or model development is completed, Data Scientists can seamlessly transition to productizing their notebooks using the notebook API, a process facilitated by just a few effortless clicks.

Presto Analytics

Data is crucial to decision-making, but managing it can be complex and expensive. Qubole’s managed Presto offering is a high-performance SQL query engine with Rubik’s cache for Big Data. It integrates with Yellowfin and other BI visualization tools, replacing well-known query engines.

Qubole provides seamless integration, cluster management tools, and data in multiple formats with built-in visualizations. Managed Presto offers performance and scalability for demanding data lake applications. Qubole’s Presto offering makes it easy for businesses of any size to manage their data and make informed decisions.

Ad-hoc Analytics

Data lake technology offers the right architecture for multiple use cases but can be complex to manage. Qubole provides an open data lake platform with integrations and enhancements that simplify data lake projects.

Qubole also allows you to build streaming data pipelines and gain real-time insights by combining multiple datasets. With Qubole, data analytics teams can deliver advanced ad-hoc analytics to the enterprise.

Self-service Analytics

Companies collect vast amounts of data in their data lakes but generally utilize less than 1% of it. This is because the unstructured nature of the data requires specialized skills to access, creating a bottleneck that disrupts data access.

Machine learning initiatives make it imperative that businesses eliminate this bottleneck. Self-service analytics can help by giving control back to the user and increasing productivity. With our self-service capabilities, you can analyze data sets, perform discovery, run queries, and visualize virtually any type of data more easily.

Data analysis

As companies adopt cloud data lakes alongside their data warehouses and data marts, the issue of granting governed access to these lakes becomes more urgent. Qubole’s managed Presto offering addresses this need by combining open-source advancements with our proprietary solutions.

This optimized service enhances performance, reduces costs, improves user experience, and streamlines the administration of Presto clusters. Compared to competitors, our Presto service boasts a 15% higher success rate and can be 1.6 times more cost-effective in achieving a 100% success rate.