Streaming Analytics

Build streaming data pipelines to capture the benefits of near-real time data for machine learning and ad-hoc analytics.

Based on Apache Spark Structured Streaming, Qubole’s Pipelines Services addresses real-time data processing requirements.  

Enable Latency-critical Applications

Provide rapid operational insights through real-time views on streaming data.

Democratize access to real-time streaming datasets

Enable Data Engineers to manage hundreds of data pipelines from a single window providing them with greater control, enhancing productivity and lower operating costs

Qubole Pipeline Services offers the following:

A wizard-driven user interface to build streaming data pipelines without the need to write  code. The auto-generated code can then be extended with custom business logic by advanced users. 

A unified user interface to deploy, monitor, and manage streaming ETL pipelines.

Data reliability to ensure that rows of data are processed only once between multiple pauses and restarts. Addresses the common fault tolerance and reliability challenge with streaming data sets.

Dedicated streaming cluster management.

TCO-aware Auto-scaling, log management, monitoring and alerting, checkpoint management, and cost attributions.

REST APIs for continuous integration and deployment.

Out-of-box Connectors to get started