Activate Your Data on Any Cloud

The Qubole cloud-native data platform runs on your choice of cloud infrastructure, leveraging your cloud account, object storage, and roles. Metadata describing the data on the cloud data store is either captured in Qubole’s Hive Metastore or in your account.

Supported Cloud Service Providers

Orchestrate resources on your AWS account using your revocable IAM roles

Integrate – through dedicated connectors – with all major data sources such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Kinesis, Amazon RDS, Oracle, MySQL, Vertica, Google Analytics, Omniture, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server

Use elastic resources effectively with Cluster Lifecycle Management, Advanced Cluster Downscaling, Workload-Aware Autoscaling, Intelligent Spot Management, and more

Use your existing data store on AWS

Minimize manual operations such as scaling of clusters and spot bidding with Adaptive Serverless Architecture

Integration with Active Directory, Azure Data Lake, Power BI, and support for a variety of Azure VM Shapes

Separation of compute and storage on Azure with end-to-end security

Use your existing Azure data store

Integrate with all major data sources such as SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL through dedicated connectors

Use elastic resources effectively with cluster lifecycle management, advanced cluster downscaling, workload-aware autoscaling, and more

Minimize manual operations such as scaling of clusters with Adaptive Serverless Architecture

Separation of compute and storage on Oracle cloud with end-to-end security (Encryption, Oracle Security Identities)

Supports a variety of Oracle Compute Shapes and leverages Oracle OCI low-overhead Compute Shapes for maximum performance

Integrates with all major data sources — Oracle DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle OCI DBaaS — through dedicated connectorsM

Minimize manual operations such as scaling cluster capacity with Adaptive Serverless Architecture

Use your existing Oracle cloud storage