Azure Scalability with Qubole

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Qubole has built the first cloud-native data platform for analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) that is revolutionizing the way companies put their data to work on Microsoft Azure.

Natively designed for Microsoft Azure and tightly integrated with its storage, compute, security, and other key architectural elements, QDS on Azure enables rapid deployment and on-demand scalability at a significantly lower cost than other solutions for implementing big-data projects in the cloud.


Qubole is the leading provider of Hadoop as a service. Qubole Data Service offers self-service and auto-scaling Hadoop in the cloud along with an integrated suite of data connectors and an easy-to-use GUI.

The high-level architecture of a Qubole Hadoop Cluster enables Qubole on Azure to:

  • Launch Hadoop nodes with auto-configured Qubole software
  • Launch a large number of these Hadoop slaves in parallel
  • Configure networking to make these nodes accessible to each other and to the outside world

Azure Data Lake

Make data on Azure Data Lake valuable for analysts with Qubole Presto and Power BI.

Azure Big Data

Use Azure 1st-party services seamlessly in conjunction with Qubole to manage your data operations across the data estate — data lake, data warehouse, and AI/ML applications, ensuring the fastest path to big data success.

Native Integrations on Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Storage (Blob and Azure Data Lake Store)
  • Azure DW, Azure SQL DB, Azure Cosmos DB
  • Event Hub/Streaming
  • Power BI
  • R Studio and Jupyter/ Notebooks