How Google Compute Engine and Qubole are a match made in heaven

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January 3, 2014 by Updated May 9th, 2024


Big data as a service last week took another step towards becoming the primary method of data analysis. In recent times, there has been a great amount of interest in cloud-based services and a shift from on-site technologies to cloud-based platforms. In keeping with this trend, the partnership between Qubole and Google Compute Engine will provide the first fully elastic Hadoop-as-a-Service on Google Compute Engine. This is a major step towards a truly integrated Data Analytics Platform accessible by large numbers of people, as the intuitive elements that have been at the core of Qubole’s success will now be available on one of the world’s pre-eminent cloud-based services.

So what will this partnership bring to Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Qubole users?

Auto-Scaling and Self-managed Hadoop

Through Qubole’s auto-scaling, the opportunity to optimize utilization through variable cluster sizes has never been more accessible. Given the fluctuations in data processing needs, sometimes a 10-node cluster is sufficient and a few hours later, under heavy load, this number may need to be closer to 1000. This kind of flexibility in the data processing element combined with the accessibility and reach afforded by GCE will allow for better utilization of the Hadoop infrastructure for analytics.


One of the aspects of this partnership that many users will find particularly useful is the reduced latency of cluster setup time because of the fast spin-up of virtual machines from GCE. This allows for quicker response time for the first query of a session and the ability to respond quickly during fluctuations in workload.

Fully Integrated Tools

Qubole’s integrated set of query, management, and workflow tools, combined with Google Compute Engine will create a simple, yet powerful system to extract value from data. Users can relate their application data along with relational data and data in external data sources like Google Analytics to better insight into their businesses.

Qubole has picked up numerous plaudits and praise from within the wider big data and analytics community in recent times. The integration of the award-winning platform with one of the most powerful infrastructures in the world is a testament to the importance that the largest companies in the world are putting on big data as a service. Qubole’s integration with Google Compute Engine brings the full power of the Hadoop ecosystem to the users of GCE to integrate, analyze, schedule, visualize, and collaborate on their Big Data needs.

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