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January 7, 2014 by Updated January 8th, 2024


The entire team here at Qubole is dedicated to offering our customers not only the most reliable data as a service solution but also to provide continued support for long-term success.

We are pleased to bring Qubole Data Service users a new feature: the Status Dashboard. The Status Dashboard includes a number of new features to make account management easier. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all activities across your Qubole accounts and helps you to synchronize workflows and improve productivity. The Dashboard consists of:

Command Dashboard provides the breakdown of commands by status, allowing you to identify failures. You can also identify long-running commands which could use further optimization.

Scheduler Dashboard provides an in-depth view of periodic job instances by status, so you can easily identify anomalies e.g. a job that usually takes one hour every night took four hours.

Leaderboard helps you identify the most active users in your account.

Cluster Metrics shows the amount of compute power you have used over a time period. This chart highlights the benefits of Qubole’s auto-scaling Hadoop where the cluster size adapts to the workload.

Cluster Metrics QCUH

The Status Dashboard Makes Life Easier!

A number of you mentioned that their usage statistics were difficult to ascertain. We heard your feedback, and through the efforts of our engineering team, here’s a number of reports you can easily access:

  • See how many commands are running at any point in time. No need to filter them through the history panel, simply see what is running in real-time.
  • Determine the breakdown of commands in success, in progress, canceled, and failed state. No need to filter and count manually.
  • Uncover which commands took the longest to run in the last month.
  • View which periodic jobs are active and if any have failed in the last week.
  • Monitor which users are active alongside the number and ratio of commands and scheduled jobs.
  • Ability to get historical perspective by choosing arbitrary intervals of time, e.g. last week, last month, or custom date range.

Responsive Web Design

The dashboard is designed to provide optimal viewing across various platforms including mobile devices. We have made our dashboards truly dynamic, accessible, and fully functional across laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so you can continue working on Qubole wherever you are. Here is a sneak peek at how the dashboard looks on various devices.

Desktop View

Desktop View

Mobile View

Mobile View

The new Status Dashboard was created with you, the end-user, in mind. We strive to make account management as easy as possible, so let us know how we can help better!

We would love to hear your feedback at [email protected]

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