Meet the First Autonomous Data Platform


Leveraging big data is no longer a luxury. It’s necessary for survival.
The question is how, when the hurdles—complexity, scalability, speed, cost,
reliability, expertise—are many.

The answer is the world’s first Autonomous Data Platform
where metadata talks back and gives back.



Make your data team superhuman

Have you been dreaming of use cases limited only by your imagination? You’ve come to the right place. Our Autonomous Data Platform self-manages and self-optimizes by sending Alerts, Insights and Recommendations (AIR) based on Cloud Agents connected to your data team’s specific data policies and preferences.

AirCloud Agents

Alerts, Insights and Recommendations (AIR)

Using a combination of heuristics and machine learning, AIR provides actionable alerts, insights and recommendations to ensure:

  • Workload continuity
  • High performance
  • Low reliance on Cloud resources
  • Greater cost savings

By automating lower-level, repetitive tasks, your engineering team can be less reactive to problems and more focused on directing better business outcomes. With AIR, QDS constantly analyzes metadata about infrastructure (cluster, nodes, CPU, memory, disk), platforms (data models and compute engines) and applications (SQL, reporting, ETL, machine learning) so you can better understand performance, usage patterns and Cloud spend.

Cloud Agents

Cloud Agents perform actions the data team determines. These typically include:

Executing automated tasks, based on a policy or configuration

Bundling specific low-level features

Learning based on individual, company and system-wide behavior

Cloud Agents are valuable to a data team because they:

  • Minimize resources consumed
  • Reduce costs
  • Automate repetitive, low-level activities
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce custom development

QDS offers the following Cloud Agents: