Manage the complete lifecycle of Spot Instances based on policy and automation.

Intelligent Spot Management

Run data workloads at a reduced price with spot nodes without fear of job loss.

Qubole’s patented technology manages spot instance availability for workloads in a cluster without reducing the risk of data loss or job restart delays. You can streamline cloud data lake cost without impacting workload performance or productivity. Qubole increases the resiliency of these compute types with re-balancing, intelligent planning, and rapid job recovery.

Spot Blocks

Utilize Spot block to leverage the time value guarantee for compute workloads without incurring on-demand instance costs.

Qubole automates Spot Block management to eliminate the risk of job failure while providing fault tolerance, cluster resiliency, and cluster continuity.

Diversified Spot Management

Mix and match heterogeneous nodes within the same cluster, leading to more reliable clusters. Pick the most cost-effective combination of On-demand and Spot Instances for the job.

With Diversified spot management, users can maximize spot request fulfillment, minimize spot loss exposure, increase instance duration, and have faster spot autoscaling.

Simply put, Qubole is awesome. It’s put our cluster management, autoscaling, and ad hoc queries on autopilot. Its higher performance for big data queries translates directly into faster and more actionable marketing intelligence for our customers. - Yekesa Kosuru, Vice President, DataXu