The Importance of Being Data Driven

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November 18, 2016 by Updated September 8th, 2021
Data Driven

Understanding the business side of big data is just as important as the technical side, particularly when it comes to ensuring the real-world success of big data projects. Ashish Thusoo, Co-founder/CEO Qubole, recently shared with attendees of Data-Driven NYC some of the key aspects of Qubole’s approach to big data. Including making data insights self-service throughout the organization and leveraging the cloud to meet the increasing need for analytics in every industry.


Using data is not really an option, it’s really a requirement in this day and age,” Ashish said. “You’ll get left behind if you don’t do it. Data is starting to move from experimental to the situation where if you’re not adopting you’re losing some competitive advantage.

Data-Driven NYC hosts monthly talks by industry experts focused on discussing the key business aspects of data analytics. During the November 2016 event, Ashish shared the idea that a cloud-based data infrastructure is uniquely able to be built–and scaled rapidly–to the specific needs of big data projects, whatever their size and scope. We are experiencing a time in which cloud services have matured at the moment when they are in peak demand. Cloud providers are addressing security and compliance concerns. Fortune 1000 companies that at one time vowed to never touch the cloud are even beginning to adopt hybrid cloud approaches.
What’s the Qubole modus operandi for equipping organizations with data insights? As Ashish said to the Data-Driven NYC audience, “it’s automated management built in the cloud combined with interfaces that can make data accessible throughout the organization.” He went on to say:


If you marry the approach of automated infrastructure with self-service interfaces, you really start getting to that vision where you can open up the data infrastructure to a lot of users and maintain a very small operational footprint.


Watch Ashish’s segment in its entirety here:

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