The Data Lake Summit: Day 1 Recap

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October 14, 2020 by and Updated March 19th, 2024

What an epic first day it has been for The Data Lake Summit. We hope you enjoyed Day 1 of the Data Lake Summit. The first day of the summit witnessed over 4000 attendees and an exciting line of speakers from Google, AWS, The Walt Disney Company, Swiggy, Cognizant, Razorpay, ZeoTap, Expedia Group, Nextdoor, MiQ, Searce, RStudio and Orbital Insight, who addressed the latest market trends around data analytics, shared their valuable technical and business insights for all aspects of leveraging data lakes for success.

Here’s what happened on Day 1 of the summit in case you didn’t make it (don’t worry, all the sessions are available on-demand).

In a fireside chat with Our Co-founder and CEO Ashish Thusoo, Debanjan Saha, VP/GM of Data Analytics Services, Google, shared his views on data lake and how it compares and contrasts with the data warehouses. Debanjan ended his keynote speech with a concluding note, “The world is moving to an open data lake format, and the convergence of warehouse and data lake is going to happen. Three to five years down the line, we will see people pulling all of their data assets together under single management on cross multiple clouds and on-premises. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the journey towards cloud and data lake is going to accelerate,”

Tensorflow Co-creator Rajat Monga talked about the advances in artificial intelligence and what is in it for the enterprises. He said the businesses should focus on their core competencies and find the right kind of products that can leverage artificial intelligence.

Caleb Jones, Senior Staff Software Architect, The Walt Disney Company, gave an overview of the company’s domain-driven data platform and how it aligns data and product source or target experts. He said the domain-driven creates domain focussed engineering teams and gives product domains greater autonomy in their backlog.

Raman Narasimhan, Vice President of Cognizant, underlined four key aspects to consider in the current climate from a data lake and analytics perspective: Portability (Open source), Multi-platform compatibility (multi-cloud/containerization), Cost-effectiveness, Self-service across user profiles.

Jorge A. Lopez, Global Segment Lead, Analytics, AWS, walked us through some of the key trends in analytics and how customers are using these trends to fuel innovation.

Satish K S, VP – Engineering from ZeoTap, discussed the various aspects of governance, extending to accommodate the growing compliance and regulatory requirements and suggested architectural approaches in his session titled – Data Governance and Multi-tenancy.

Swiggy’s Principal Software Engineer Siddhant Srivastava took a deep dive into how Swiggy is leveraging insights to make hyper-fast, hyper-local and real-world decisions.

Ivan Peng, software engineer of the data platform at Nextdoor, asserted why the company moved away from its data warehouse and focused on a centralized data lake to power the popular neighborhood app.

And that was Day 1!

Get Ready for Day 2

The second and final day of the Data Lake Summit is going to be even bigger and better. Day 2 will kick off with a keynote address by Chris Casey, General Manager Worldwide BD at AWS Data Exchange, who will discuss the importance of access to third-party data in your data lake environment. Followed by a keynote presentation by Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist, and Data Science Fellow and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, on ‘Data Leadership innovation and value creation from data and empowerment of employees with data culture.’

Who else will speak on the final day?

In addition to the keynote speakers, there’s a list of  prominent speakers for Day 2. We encourage you to check the full list of speakers and the schedule here.

Mark Sernerth, Staff Software Engineer and Mohan Naidu, Associate Director – Software Engineering at The Walt Disney Company on A Hub and Spoke Approach to Scaling Storage

Eddie White, Partner Development Manager, Google Cloud, on The Cloudscape of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses.

Prabhu Prakash Ganesh, Chief Technology Officer, MiQ on Building and Scaling a Data and Analytics ecosystem – A Story of Decisions, Learnings, and Recommendations

Sarvottam Darshan, Director – Data Engineering, Genpact on Digital Transformations: The Finance office of the future

Gear up for the action-packed Day 2, and pack in as much as learnings as possible at the Data Lake Summit, the definitive virtual conference for all things data lake. We are looking forward to seeing you there, so don’t miss out – Register Now!

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