The Data Lake Summit: Day 2 Recap

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October 16, 2020 by and Updated March 19th, 2024

The Data Lake Summit 2020 has come to an end! The two-day virtual summit took a deeper dive into the latest trends around data analytics, powerful use cases, and best practices to help you get the most from data lakes in your organizations. We hope you enjoyed the two action-packed days we brought you. We valued the deep dives, and technical and business insights from the thought leaders and innovators for the data lake industry. The 50 sessions of the Data Lake Summit plus the pre-conference ancillary events totaled over 4300 attendees and 91,822 page views, with a lineup of prominent speakers from many organizations worldwide like The Walt Disney Company, Expedia Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, AWS, Acquia, Google Cloud, Orbital Insight,  MiQ,,  Cognizant, Zeotap, Spotad, BigData4all, Bukalapak, among others.

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Here are key highlights from a few sessions from the second and the final day of the 2020 Data Lake Summit. If you missed attending the sessions, don’t worry; you can now view all the session recordings on-demand.

Day 2 kicked off with a keynote session by Chris Casey, General Manager, AWS Data Exchange. He explained how organizations could benefit from rapid access for finding, subscribing to, and using third-party data in the cloud when key economic, health, or macroeconomic events occur. He discussed AWS’s efforts in making data related to COVID-19 available for research and development initiatives.

In his keynote presentation, Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist, and Data Science Fellow, Booz Allen Hamilton, talked about data leadership, innovation, and value creation from data and empowerment of data culture employees. He addressed the three fundamental questions around data – what? so what, and now what? in the context of data lakes and data integration for business innovation and value creation.

Prabhu Prakash Ganesh, Chief Technology Officer at MiQ, took us through their data analytics ecosystem journey. He talked about their learnings and decision-making processes that have contributed to MiQ’s business success. He also shed light on the future trends and what’s next for his organization.

Sarvottam Darshan, Data Engineering – F&A, Genpact, spoke about digital transformation in the office of the CFO of the future. “Finance offices of the future need to be acutely aware and immediately responsive to their customers in this era of compressive disruption. Data foundations are accelerating this transformation by becoming an enterprise-wide trusted layer for financial and cross-functional data,” said in a concluding note.

Mark Senerth, Staff Software Engineer, and Mohan Naidu, Associate Director – Software Engineering of The Walt Disney Company, talked about the federated hub and spoke approach they took in The Walt Disney Company for scaling and storage.

Barr Moses, CEO, and Co-Founder of data reliability company Monte Carlo discussed the challenge of data downtime and making observability a pillar of data lake strategy.

Arnaud Prades, Director of Machine Learning, Acquia Marketing Cloud, shared key best practices for tackling some of the challenges faced in building an open, “data first” machine learning platform.

Eddie White, Partner Development Manager, Google Cloud, said Google Cloud is driving convergence to empower businesses and highlighted some of the technology trends in data management and analytics.

In his presentation titled – Analytics on Analytics: Leveraging Metadata in the Big Data Landscape, Kent Buboltz, Product Manager – Partner Experience and Optimization, Expedia Group talked about the role of data product manager vs. platform product manager. He also emphasized the value of extracting insights to enable product change, user behavior change, and how Expedia is driving the adoption of platform changes through cost management, improved education, and better product habits.

Sumit Maheswari, PMC Apache Airflow Tech Lead and  Data Infrastructure engineer at Twitter, believes that Airflow Improvement Proposals (AIPs) are the future of Apache Airflow and underlined some of the AIPs that he’s looking forward to Functional Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), Scheduler HA, REST APIs, DAG Serialization, Smart Sensors, Task Groups.

And that’s a wrap from The Data Lake Summit, but you can view recordings of all sessions by signing into the event site

We will be back again next year! Even bigger.

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