Qubole Ignites Apache Spark on Google Cloud Platform

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December 17, 2015 by Updated September 10th, 2021

The big data-as-a-service company, Qubole, announced today the availability of Apache Spark on Qubole Data Service (QDS) for Google Cloud Platform. The integration will enable Google Cloud Platform customers to use QDS’s 1-click persistent Spark Notebooks for fast data analysis, and auto-scale Spark clusters that deliver the right compute power for specific workloads.

Qubole Data Service (QDS) is a self-service platform for big data analytics that runs on the three major public clouds: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The QDS platform was built to be extremely easy to use for any data scientist or analyst, without the need for a team of system admins. For example, QDS automatically sets up and scales up a compute cluster in the cloud to match the needs of the particular job, and then winds down nodes when they’re no longer needed, among other key advantages.

Leveraging the latest open source technologies, such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Hive, QDS is a fully managed big data offering that provides the only comprehensive, “everything as a service” data analytics platform. This means that data scientists can focus on analysis while ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

“Our goal at Qubole is to eliminate the obstacles between an organization’s data and the value hidden within that data. One way we do this is by providing a broad range of technologies so that data scientists have the right tools for the job right at their fingertips,” said Ashish Thusoo, co-founder and CEO of Qubole. “We added Apache Spark to our platform on AWS at the beginning of the year and it has seen tremendous growth among our customers on AWS. Now we’re bringing Spark to Qubole on Google Cloud Platform, allowing Cloud Platform customers to take full advantage of this leading open source technology for data analytics.”

Qubole incorporates Spark Notebook across its platform for a single-pane view of data and better collaboration. The Notebook also provides multi-language support, including Scala and Python. All user Notebooks are persisted and automatically saved to a users’ Google Cloud Storage account continuously. Within each Notebook, users can create easy-to-use visualizations and charts for query results.

Click here to sign up for a 15-day free trial of Apache Spark on Qubole for Google Cloud Platform. You can be up and running in less than an hour. Qubole is also hosting a webinar on Qubole Spark + Notebooks on Google Cloud Platform, held on Thursday, January 14. Click here to register.

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