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Organizations that undertake big data initiatives soon realize how complex they are and how difficult, as well as resource-intensive, it is to keep up with the pace at which their data grows. To demonstrate how these big data challenges can be overcome, we’ve released Qubole Jump Start which provides access to Qubole Data Service (QDS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with pre-populated data sets. Within minutes of starting the JumpStart, you will be able to go thru different use cases and analyze data without worrying about managing underlying big data infrastructure. Qubole provides an autonomous data platform that reduces the management overhead and cost of running big data workloads on OCI.

This Jump Start is designed for data team members looking to get a full understanding of how QDS can be leveraged for managing and deploying big data workloads using OCI.

To illustrate the capabilities of QDS deployed on OCI, JumpStart walks through real-world scenarios of an online retailer. It correlates structured data (from a fictitious products and transactions database) with semi-structured data (from weblogs tracking customer interaction with the company’s retail portal) to analyze product sales and answer key business questions like:

  • What products do customers like to buy
  • Are the most viewed products also the most sold
  • What products are frequently purchased together (for recommendations)?
  • What are the products with more fraudulent transactions?

“We are pleased to welcome Qubole as a launch partner for Oracle Cloud Jump Start,” said Kash Iftikhar, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle. “The Qubole Data Service (QDS) Jump Start demo lab provides customers a simple way to experience our tightly integrated solution for big data. QDS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the most flexible way for any data user to get value out of big data projects quickly.”

Additionally, the JumpStart shows how QDS automatically provisions, scales, and manages the underlying big data infrastructure on OCI transparently using a policy-driven configuration that requires minimal manual intervention. You just need to click on “Launch Demo Lab” and follow the instructions in the video or in the Qubole Jump Start Manual. You will go thru the different scenarios without even thinking about how to scale out the cluster to keep performance or when to shrink the cluster size and terminate it to avoid excessive costs. Qubole takes care of all those issues automatically so you can focus on finding answers to key business questions rather than managing the big data infrastructure.

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