Data Lakes for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – The Data Lake Summit Speaker Lineup

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September 28, 2020 by and Updated March 20th, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning workloads leverage multiple data formats that are a combination of batch and real-time and require scalable computing resources. Leveraging data lake technology on the cloud, necessary information for machine learning and artificial intelligence can be stored, processed, and accessed seamlessly by data scientists, data engineers, and data analytics across an organization to analyze data, test hypotheses, and innovate on business processes, customer experience, and products. With the Data Lake Summit just two weeks away, it’s time to unveil the first group of speakers who will share their valuable insights on leveraging data lakes for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

At the two-day conference, we will hold 40+ virtual data lake sessions that will bring 50+ thought leaders together to give you unparalleled opportunities to learn about the importance of Data Lakes in modern architecture and how to build them.

We will reveal the name of the 53 thought leaders in 12 clusters based on the topics and the sessions they’ll be speaking on at the Data Lake Summit. In this first series, take a look at the speakers who will talk about the advances in Artificial Intelligence and the future of machine learning and its implication on data science. Stay tuned as we release the second cluster of speakers.

Check out the full agenda of the summit.

Who’s Speaking on Day 1 (October 13, 2020)

Following will be speaking on leveraging data lakes for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on the first day of the Data Lake Summit:

Rajat Monga, Co-Creator of Tensorflow

Rajat Monga will speak at The Data Lake Summit on Advances in Artificial Intelligence and what they mean for Enterprises. He will share his insights on remarkable advancement that has taken place in the artificial intelligence space over the last decades and talk about why the impact seems to be much more consumer-centric, and what it would take to bring it to business.

Rajat is the Senior Director – TensorFlow at Google. As a founding member of the Google Brain team, he was involved in designing and implementing DistBelief and TensorFlow. Prior to Tensorflow, he led teams in AdWords, built out the engineering teams and designed web-scale crawling and content-matching infrastructure at Attributor, and co-implemented and scaled eBay’s search engine. An IIT Delhi alumnus, Rajat left Google to bring machine learning into some key aspects of the business world.

Tom Silverstrim, Adobe

With an impressive 20+ years of track record in SaaS, Mobile, Advertising, and Video startups, Tom Silverstrim, Senior Manager of Analytics and Monitoring at Adobe, will speak at The Data Lake Summit on Automated Dataset Monitoring in Adobe Experience Platform. He will discuss how to use AEP’s Webhook interfaces to automate dataset monitoring.

Introduced to Hive in 2009, Tom’s focus of the last ten years has been large scale data systems and cloud or hybrid environments with an emphasis on data quality, data pipeline management, and operational excellence. At present, he is helping Adobe Digital Experience customers onboard onto the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP).

Raman Narasimhan, Cognizant

Raman Narasimhan, Vice President of Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Analytics (Artificial IntelligenceA) practice, will delve into the topic – Modern Decision Making: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Enterprises on the Day 1 of the two-day conference. Raman heads the Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence and Strategic Solutioning team. He also leads Artificial IntelligenceA Guilds Communities in India, which is a key arm of the practice focusing on new-age technology transformation in both Data and Intelligence (Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, etc.)

With over 25 years of experience in Information Management and Analytics, Raman drives several strategic imperatives for the practice, helps with thought leadership, advisory and strategic solutions for client’s digital data foundry, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning adoption, Artificial Intelligence solutions, business case preparations, use case identification for potential Artificial Intelligence applications and architecting enterprise grade digital data solutions.

Raman is also a member of the advisory board of the Analytics Society of India, a non-profit organization focused on promoting the usage and adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics across India. Additionally, Raman helps shape practice strategies, supports analyst relations, a regular speaker in conferences and seminars, a guest lecture in India’s No.1 B-school, and periodically publishes papers and case studies. His publication of a case study in Harvard Business Review is one of the leading papers downloaded for teaching across 40 countries.

Who’s Speaking on Day 2 (October 14, 2020)

Here are the speakers slated to speak on the last day of the two-day conference:

David Potes, AWS

David, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics at Amazon Web Services (AWS), will be speaking on Working Backwards From the Future: Building a Predictive Data Lake on AWS. In this technical session, he will take us through the patterns, practices, and architectures that the world’s most innovative companies are using to change the future by predicting it today.

David Potes manages a team of Partner Solutions Architects at AWS. He provides technical guidance, design advice and thought leadership to some of the successful AWS software partners. He has expertise in big data, security, storage and SaaS business applications. Over the last 15 years, he’s brought an intense customer focus to challenging and deeply technical roles in multiple industries.

Sean Knapp,

Sean will join us on the session titled – Declarative Pipelines and Intelligent Orchestration – Data’s Missing Link. In this session, Sean will address:

  • Evolution of orchestration tools
  • Imperative vs. Declarative systems
  • Trade-offs and design decision in moving from task-centric to data-centric architectures
  • Challenges in running a multi-cloud, massive-scale, elastic infrastructure built on Kubernetes and Apache Spark

Prior to this role, Sean was a co-founder, CTO, and Chief Product Officer at Ooyala. At Ooyala, he played key roles in raising $120 million, scaling the company to 500 employees, Ooyala’s $410-million acquisition, as well as Ooyala’s subsequent acquisitions of Videoplaza and Nativ. Before founding Ooyala, Sean worked at Google as the Technical Lead for the tech giant’s legendary Web Search Frontend team, helping the team increase Google revenues by over $1 billion. Sean has both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Ranjith Kuppala, Searce Inc

In his informative session – Intelligent Data Lakes – Combining Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Ranjith Kuppala, CTO of Searce Inc, will address your basic queries on What is Data Lake and why do people need it? What has changed in recent years that people have started to look beyond the data warehouse and data marts. He will discuss a data lake architecture diagram – flow diagram and deep dive in Data Lake characteristics (metadata, data lineage, cataloging, discovery, security). Besides talking about the next steps of the Data Lake journey, Ranjith will also share his experience and learning in the data lake field.

Ranjith has 10+ years of rich IT experience. At Searce, he leads the organization’s cloud strategy and solutions capabilities. Nothing gets him more excited than solving complex infrastructure problems for clients. Ranjith specializes in delivering best-in-class solutions for Big Data and analytics, application migration, infrastructure automation, thus reinforcing a strong engineering culture at Searce.

Arnaud Prades, Acquia Marketing Cloud

Arnaud Prades, Director of Machine Learning, Acquia Marketing Cloud, will present his topic Building an open, data first and machine learning forward platform at The Data Lake Summit. Arnaud specializes in leveraging data and software to build cool stuff that works in fields such as customer intelligence, logistics, dynamic pricing, or algorithmic trading. He also likes cats and kitesurfing.

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