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Qubole for the Data Team

data engineers and data ops

Big Data Engineers & Data Ops

Big data technologies are both extremely complex and highly manual to operate. Most companies want their big data engineers and dataops focused on helping create business outcomes rather than focusing on tedious, manual, and repetitive tasks.

Qubole is building the world’s first Autonomous Big Data Platform for the cloud. This lets you intelligently automate your big data operations, which lowers your costs, makes your team more productive, and scales more efficiently. Here’s why Data Teams love us:

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Automation for your Data Tasks

We are the only data platform company that has Cloud Agents™ which can intelligently automate typical data tasks. You can tell our agents what you want (e.g. give it a policy) and it will automatically happen.

Cloud Agents provide a number of benefits to the Data Team, including:

  • Dynamically reducing the number of compute nodes required to run a workload – which reduces your cloud costs by up to 50%.
  • Dynamically resizing clusters based on workload requirements.
  • Intelligently hunt for the best price/performance for the compute nodes you need, which can reduce costs by as much as 80% or enable you to significantly increase performance without increasing cost.
  • Automation of manual tasks so that your team is more productive, error rates are lower and query performance increases.

Automation data tasks
scalable self-service platform

The Most Scalable Self-Service Platform

In addition to the Spark processing capability, Qubole has included performance optimizations to run queries 1.5 to 2 times faster. With over 500 PB of data processed monthly, the largest Spark cluster in the cloud (500+ nodes), and an average scaling factor of a cluster of 20x, Qubole’s reliability and scalability are second to none.

Smart & Predictive

Building the world’s first Autonomous Data Platform for the cloud requires more than automation. Qubole AIR (Alerts, Insights, and Recommendations) provides intelligent and predictive capabilities. AIR is based on analyzing the metadata from your usage, and it uses ML/AI techniques that learn how to become better as you use it. This brings significant benefits to the Data Team, such as:

  • Alerts let you know about out-of-the-ordinary situations that warrant attention. Alerts can be simple, smart, or predictive.
  • Insights are graphs and charts that provide detailed visibility into how the data platform is being used at the platform, application, and infrastructure level.
  • Recommendations are actionable suggestions that can improve cost efficiency, performance, or reliability.

smart & predictive

Qubole for Data Users

data analysts & data scientists

Data Analysts & Data Scientists

Data Analysis and Science are critical components for success for any company in today’s competitive environment. Qubole’s mission is to build the first Autonomous Data Platform allowing Data Analysts and Scientists to focus on what matters, solving today’s most pressing big data challenges without the frustration and wasted time often required by the day-to-day management of the underlying platform.

A Self-Service Platform

With Qubole, Data Analysts and Scientists no longer need to rely on Data Admins or Data Architects for provisioning compute clusters and resources. Once the exploratory data analysis and/or model development is done, data scientists can productize their notebooks using the notebook API with just a few clicks.

A self-service platform
visualize data

One Place to Access, Explore, and Visualize Your Data

Qubole’s integrated UI lets you access, explore and visualize data all in one place. You have a central location to access data, along with metadata. Additionally, queries and Notebooks save results offline, which means you can access, review, and inspect your results offline without the need to run a cluster, for greater convenience and cost savings.

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