Your Data Lake is Moving to the Cloud – What About Your Security Policies?

Dive into the essentials of securing your data lake journey as you transition from on-premises environments to the multi-cloud landscape. Join Srikant Venkat from Privacera and Akil Morali from Qubole as they unravel the complexities of data security in the age of cloud computing. This session is your roadmap to understanding how to protect sensitive data across diverse cloud services without compromising on the agility and flexibility that cloud environments offer.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. The State of Sensitive Data Security:
    • Grasp the criticality of protecting sensitive data amidst escalating data breaches and stringent regulatory requirements.
  2. The Evolution of Data Lakes:
    • Trace the journey of data lakes from their early Hadoop days to the current multi-cloud ecosystems.
  3. Challenges in Hybrid Architecture:
    • Understand the challenges faced by enterprises with hybrid architectures in maintaining precise control over data location and security.
  4. Cross-functional Needs and Ownership:
    • Acknowledge the variable ownership of data across security, privacy, IT, and business units, emphasizing the need for a unified security approach.
  5. Visibility and Control of Sensitive Data at Scale:
    • Learn how to achieve visibility across environments to identify and prioritize sensitive data, implementing fine-grained access controls for protection.
  6. Automated Compliance Workflows:
    • Discover how automated data discovery, classification, and compliance workflows can help you manage sensitive data more efficiently across multiple clouds.
  7. Privacera’s Differentiators:
    • Explore how Privacera’s platform offers centralized control, enabling comprehensive sensitive data discovery, centralized access control, and efficient compliance across diverse cloud services.


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