The Cloudscape of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

At Qubole, we understand the challenges enterprises face with the exponential growth of data. That’s why we’re excited to share this insightful video featuring Eddie White from Google Cloud Platform. In this video, you’ll discover:

  1. Challenges in the Enterprise:
    • Learn about the rapid growth of data and why enterprises need a scalable, reliable platform.
  2. Big Data in Google’s DNA:
    • Understand how Google leverages its vast data resources to enhance services and drive AI and ML advancements.
  3. Convergence to Empower Business:
    • Explore Google Cloud’s vision for empowering businesses through the convergence of data lakes, data warehouses, and advanced analytics.
  4. Google Cloud Customers:
    • See how global companies across various industries are leveraging Google Cloud to digitally transform their operations.
  5. Digital Transformation Timelines:
    • Gain insights into the accelerated timeline for digital transformation and how Google Cloud supports this rapid evolution.
  6. BigQuery:
    • Discover Google Cloud’s powerful data warehousing solution, BigQuery, and how it enables scalable analytics and machine learning.
  7. Data Lakes:
    • Learn about managing data lakes at scale with Google Cloud DataProc and how it complements data warehouse capabilities.
  8. Data Science:
    • Explore how Google Cloud enables data scientists to be more effective with managed big data services and integrated tools.
  9. Open Source and Kubernetes:
    • Understand Google Cloud’s commitment to openness and flexibility, including recent innovations like BigQuery Omni and Kubernetes integration.
  10. Looker Integration: 
    • Discover how Looker, now part of Google Cloud, seamlessly integrates with BigQuery, providing enhanced business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

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