State and Future of the Presto Project and Community

Dive into the forefront of data lake analytics with our webinar on Presto and Apache Iceberg, presented by Presto co-creators Martin Traverso and David Phillips. Explore the advancements in Presto, a high-performance, distributed query engine, and discover how Apache Iceberg revolutionizes data lake storage, offering robust solutions for modern data challenges.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Presto:
    • Get acquainted with Presto’s architecture, designed for speed, scalability, and flexible data querying across various storage backends.
  2. Presto’s Community Growth:
    • Witness the expansive growth of the Presto community, including significant contributions, global conferences, and active user engagement.
  3. Recent Presto Enhancements:
    • Explore recent Presto developments, such as support for variable precision temporal types, dynamic filtering, and storage-level caching for improved query performance.
  4. Security Improvements:
    • Understand the advancements in securing Presto’s web UI and APIs, ensuring safer data querying and management.
  5. Roadmap Highlights:
    • Preview upcoming features focused on performance, flexibility, and new connectors, aimed at enhancing Presto’s capabilities and user experience.
  6. Introduction to Apache Iceberg:
    • Learn about Apache Iceberg as a table format designed for high efficiency and compatibility with cloud storage systems, offering features like schema evolution and hidden partitioning.
  7. Why Choose Apache Iceberg:
    • Discover the advantages of Iceberg over traditional Hive tables, including better schema management, partitioning flexibility, and query performance.
  8. Presto and Iceberg Integration:
    • See how Presto’s support for Apache Iceberg allows for seamless querying and management of data lakes, with full compatibility across different storage systems and file formats.

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