Supercharge Data Lake Performance with Spark 3.3

NEW! Spark 3.3 is now available on Qubole. Qubole’s multi-engine data lake fuses ease of use with cost-savings. Now powered by Spark 3.3, it’s faster and more scalable than ever.

Stop getting stuck in the data slow-lane: watch our webinar recording and learn how to supercharge Apache Spark!

Discover how to supercharge your big data operations with Spark 3.3’s significant performance upgrades – enabling you to do more, in less time.

What You’ll Discover:

Revolutionary Performance Enhancements in Spark 3.3

  • Learn about the transformative Bloom Filter Joins that offer up to 10x speedup in join query performance, and how it’s changing the game in data processing efficiency.

Query Execution and Data Handling Breakthroughs

  • Get insights on the latest query execution enhancements, including significant speedups in full outer sort merge join & shuffled hash join and see how these improvements streamline your data workflows.

Pioneering Improvements in Data Types and Pandas API

  • Explore the remarkable advancements in handling complex data types and the Pandas API, leading to substantial performance improvements and faster data scanning.

Real-World Applications and Demos on Qubole

  • Witness live demonstrations showing how these enhancements translate to real-world scenarios, particularly focusing on Spark 3.3’s scalability and speed within the Qubole environment.

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