Qubole On-Demand – Machine Learning Demo

At Qubole, we bring you the power of seamless data access and analysis, tailored for data scientists like you. With our intuitive notebook interface, whether you prefer Apache Zeppelin or Jupyter integration, you can effortlessly blend languages like Python, SQL, and Scala, unlocking endless possibilities for data exploration and modeling.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the video:

  1. Notebooks Flexibility:
    • Explore a mix of languages within notebooks, enhancing your data exploration capabilities.
    • Utilize Python with embedded SQL for versatile querying.
    • Dive into Scala for advanced analytics, such as market basket analysis using machine learning libraries like FP-Growth.
  2. Data Analysis Depth:
    • Gain insights from various data sources, structured or less structured, like access logs.
    • Uncover patterns and correlations with machine learning models like frequency pattern matching.
  3. Dashboard Publishing:
    • Simplify communication by transforming your analysis into easily understandable dashboards.
    • Empower business users to interact with data insights seamlessly without worrying about code.

Ready to revolutionize your data analysis workflow? Watch the video to discover how Qubole can elevate your data science game!

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