Qubole On-Demand – Data Engineering Demo

At Qubole, we’re excited to introduce you to our powerful job scheduler that seamlessly integrates with Spark notebooks, enabling you to schedule tasks effortlessly. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll gain from watching this video:

  1. Automated Job Scheduling:
    • Easily schedule Spark notebook executions on a daily, hourly, or cron basis, saving you time and effort.
  2. Cost Savings and Efficiency:
    • Our scheduler auto-launches clusters when needed and terminates them when idle, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost savings.
  3. Alerting and Monitoring:
    • Receive notifications via email or PagerDuty if job executions fail, empowering you to maintain operational efficiency.
  4. Advanced Pipeline Orchestration:
    • For more complex data engineering pipelines, explore the capabilities of Airflow clusters for orchestrating workflows seamlessly.
  5. Data Integration and Connectivity: 
    • Qubole simplifies data ingestion from multiple sources, including MySQL databases, streamlining your data pipeline.
  6. Performance Optimization:
    • Access comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting tools, such as Spark UI and YARN, to optimize performance and enhance productivity.
  7. Dynamic Cluster Management: 
    • Benefit from Qubole’s ephemeral clusters that scale up and down based on workload demands, ensuring cost efficiency and performance.
  8. Spot Instance Utilization:
    • Leverage spot instances for significant cost savings without compromising on performance, thanks to Qubole’s intelligent platform.
  9. Governance and Security:
    • Ensure data and cost governance with fine-grained access control and financial governance features, empowering you to manage resources efficiently.
  10. Insightful Cost Analysis:
    • Gain deep insights into your cloud spend with Qubole’s Cost Explorer, enabling you to attribute costs accurately and optimize resource allocation.

Ready to experience the power of Qubole firsthand? Take our platform for a spin with our 14-day test drive, complete with built-in examples and a sample dataset. Start optimizing your data workflows and unlocking valuable insights today. Watch the full video for a comprehensive overview of our platform’s capabilities.


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