Qubole On-Demand – An Introduction to the Qubole Open Data Lake Platform

At Qubole, we’re excited to share insights on our open cloud data lake platform. In this webinar, discover how leading industry peers like Netflix, Expedia, Visa, and Lyft are harnessing data to gain competitive advantages.

Here’s what you’ll gain from watching:

  1. Modern Data Architecture:
    • Learn how companies leverage modern data architecture for business intelligence, data exploration, and predictive analysis.
    • Understand the shift towards cloud-based data warehouses and the pivotal role of data lakes in facilitating diverse analytics use cases.
  2. Qubole Features for Analytics:
    • Explore Qubole’s comprehensive platform for machine learning, streaming analytics, and ad hoc queries.
    • Discover how the Qubole Workbench streamlines SQL analytics and integrates with third-party tools like Tableau and Looker for data visualization.
  3. Efficient Data Engineering:
    • Dive into Qubole’s capabilities for automating pipeline creation, workload management, and cluster optimization.
    • Experience the flexibility of choosing processing engines and languages for data engineering tasks, ensuring faster results and improved performance.
  4. Enhanced Security and Governance:
    • Learn about Qubole’s built-in security controls and governance features, essential for ensuring compliance and data protection across cloud providers.
    • Explore RBAC integrations and policy-driven access controls to manage user permissions effectively.

Join us to unlock the full potential of your data analytics journey with Qubole’s innovative solutions!

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