LIVE DEMO: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Enables You To Simplify Today and Future Proof for Tomorrow

The GCP platform enables data scientists and data engineers to collaborate on building scalable data pipelines using native interfaces, built-in tools, and optimized data processing engines. Find out how Qubole on GCP can provide you with a:

  • Unified and rich experience with built-in end-user tools such as native notebooks, an integrated workbench for commands, and in-built connectors to multiple data sources.
  • Highly optimized versions of data processing engines such as Apache Spark, Hive, and Airflow for better performance and efficiency.
  • Enterprise support for data processing engines such as Apache Spark, Hive, and Airflow by specialized engineering teams focused on each engine.
  • Advanced automation and cluster lifecycle management that enables cloud-scale deployments within fixed budgets while maintaining low administrative overhead.

In addition to this, watch a demonstration on how to:

  • Drive down the costs of your big data workloads by 50%
  • Utilize Qubole for your data engineering, analytics, and data science use cases
  • Increase efficiency by leveraging cloud technologies that match your workflows
  • Extract more value with Machine Learning and AI
  • Optimize Apache Spark, Presto, Hadoop/Hive, and Airflow usage
  • Use Jupyter and/or Zeppelin Notebooks with Qubole

Explore Qubole to get answers to the big data, analytics, and machine learning questions that are important to you.

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