Decentralized Data Platform at Bukalapak

Dive into our journey of transforming Bukalapak’s data platform to optimize decision-making and enhance data reliability. Our Associate VP of Engineering, Javis Berlubis, shares insights into our evolutionary leap in data management, highlighting the challenges faced and the strategic moves we made to overcome them. This webinar is a testament to our commitment to providing a fair economy for all by leveraging the power of data.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Efficient Data Management:
    • Discover the transformation of our data platform, enabling faster, more reliable data updates, and management with Apache Hudi.
  2. Improved Query Performance:
    • Learn how we enhanced query performance, making data more accessible and reliable for real-time decision-making.
  3. Enhanced Data Reliability:
    • Understand our journey towards achieving a 92% SLA of data readiness, ensuring data integrity and reliability for our users.
  4. Cloud Migration Benefits:
    • Gain insights into our cloud migration process, leveraging Google Cloud Platform for improved scalability and reduced infrastructure management.
  5. Custom CDC Solution:
    • See how we developed a custom Change Data Capture solution to handle data updates efficiently, ensuring no data loss and improved processing speed.
  6. Decentralized Data Platforms:
    • Explore our approach to empowering individual tribes within Bukalapak with their own data platforms for increased flexibility and faster development cycles.
  7. Comprehensive Monitoring and Automation:
    • Learn about our implementation of comprehensive monitoring tools and automation to improve service reliability and operational efficiency.

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