Creating a Successful Data Fabric for Your Enterprise

Data industry thought leader, visionary and practitioner Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D. presents her views on creating a successful Data Fabric for your enterprise in this 60-minute webcast. Hosted on the channel of our fellow Idera brand, WhereScape.

The goal of a Data Fabric is to create an architecture that encompasses all forms of analytical data for any type of analysis, with seamless accessibility and shareability by all those with a need for it. Claudia will share insight into the origins of Data Fabric, the benefits to be gained and the rewards to be reaped by supporting business users in their quest to democratize data and easily find and use analytical data and assets for the decisions – strategic and tactical – that must be made every day.

This event will answer three key questions:
1. What is a Data Fabric?
2. What are the architectural components of a Data Fabric?
3. What are the technological functionalities required when implementing a Data Fabric?

The webcast also features a Q&A with Claudia

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