Building an Open, Data First and Machine Learning Forward Platform

Interested in learning how to build a data-first, machine learning-forward platform like Qubole? Dive into our informative session led by Anna Pratas, Director of Machine Learning at Qubole, as she shares insights into the challenges, lessons learned, and key methodologies employed in creating such a platform.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Challenges in Platform Building:
    • Handling data integration with third-party software.
    • Balancing between batch and real-time data processing.
    • Ensuring data security at every step.
  2. Founding Principles of Qubole’s Platform:
    • Data-first approach: Powering every component with data.
    • Openness: Providing clients with flexible, customizable solutions.
    • Machine learning-forward: Leveraging automation to enhance workflows.
  3. Key Recipes for Success:
    • Thinking managed: Choosing managed solutions over building from scratch.
    • Limiting interfaces: Integrating a select few vendors to streamline operations.
  4. Machine Learning Framework:
    • Utilizing tools like Airflow, Spark, and MLflow for orchestration and execution.
    • Applying machine learning algorithms for personalization and optimization.
  5. Case Study: Predictive Email Optimization:
    • Storing model information and hyperparameters for easy management.
    • Utilizing contextual bandit models to determine optimal send times.
  6. Conclusion and Next Steps:
    • Qubole’s commitment to excellence and hiring skilled engineers.
    • Encouragement to apply the key methodologies discussed to your platform-building endeavors.

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