Achieving Operational Excellence for data engineering

Unlock the potential of your big data pipelines with Qubole’s insightful session on achieving operational excellence. Dive into real-world challenges and innovative solutions that streamline data pipeline management, enhance efficiency, and significantly reduce operational burdens.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Qubole’s Big Data Solutions:
    • Learn about Qubole’s role in blending first and third-party datasets for actionable insights.
    • Discover how privacy is prioritized in data pipeline operations, especially under GDPR compliance.
  2. Current Data Pipeline Scale and Challenges:
    • Understand the complexities of managing 150+ data partners and 10+ products across various geographies.
    • Explore the use of preemptive instances for cost optimization and the associated risks.
  3. Old System Limitations:
    • Examine the limitations of previous implementations using tools like Oozie, Livy, and Hue, leading to operational inefficiencies.
  4. Cascading Failures and Dependency Management:
    • Identify the challenges of cascading failures and the intricacies of dependency management in data pipelines.
  5. Kingpin Solution:
    • Learn about the Kingpin architecture and its role in simplifying workflow management through automation and state management.
    • Discover how dependency management and execution strategy enhancements lead to a more reliable and scalable pipeline.
  6. Visibility and System Monitoring Improvements:
    • See how Qubole has improved system visibility and monitoring with integrations like ReDash and Superset for real-time analytics.
  7. Operational Efficiency Gains:
    • Witness a 70% reduction in operational efforts through the adoption of Kingpin, allowing a small team to efficiently manage extensive data pipelines.

This session is a must-watch if you aim to enhance your data pipeline’s operational excellence, reduce manual intervention, and embrace scalable, cost-effective solutions. Equip yourself with the knowledge to tackle big data challenges head-on.

Transform your data pipeline management and operational efficiency by watching our session today.


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