The Journey of a Modern Full-Stack Data Analyst – Sharath Babu, Manager, Product Analytics, Razorpay

Most enterprises today are in the pursuit of being data-driven in their approach to building products. The path to achieving this has been to → Generate/acquire data → Convert the data to meaningful information → Derive insights out of the information → Utilize these insights for decision making → Execute those decisions and assess the impact. We at Razorpay call this an intelligence cycle. As a company scales and produces copious amounts of data, the time lag between the first three steps keeps increasing. At most organizations, step 1 & 2 is the responsibility of an engineering team. While step 3 is usually the job of an analyst. With the pace at which some of the new-age companies work, the need is to get from step 1 to 3 in as less time as possible. Such a situation demands a full-stack data analyst.