The Journey from On Premise Cloud to ML Marketplace for a Geospatial Data Platform (DigitalGlobe)

Speaker: Ori Elki, Head of Product, DigitalGlobe

Presentation: In a world driven by location intelligence, DigitalGlobe is creating a place where everyone can access geospatial data and use it to derive truth and, in turn, knowledge. DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data Platform (GBDX) is empowering an ecosystem of location intelligence, cataloging hundreds of petabytes worth of geospatial information and executing tens of millions (!) of hours’ worth of cloud compute. This session will talk about the migration of GBDX from on-premise to cloud, involving 100 petabytes of satellite image data. We will also discuss GBDX as a key platform for analytics and machine learning applications across industries, and how it’s evolving into a marketplace for imagery-related machine learning algorithms.

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