Right Tool for the Job: Using Qubole Presto for Interactive and Ad-Hoc Queries

Presto is the go-to query engine of Qubole customers for interactive and reporting use cases due to its excellent performance and ability to join unstructured and structured data in seconds. Many Qubole customers use Presto along with their favorite BI tools, such as PowerBI, Looker and Tableau to explore data and run queries. Two key criteria to look for in a query engine for interactive analytics are performance and cost. You want best-in-class performance to meet the short deadlines of interactive workloads, while reducing and/or controlling costs. Qubole Presto is a cloud-optimized version of open source Presto, with enhancements that improve performance, reliability and cost. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • When to use Presto versus other engines like Apache Spark
  • How to enable self-service access to your data lake
  • The key advantages of Qubole Presto over Open Source Presto
  • Live demo of running interactive and ad hoc queries using Qubole Presto
  • How customers like iBotta, Tivo and Return Path leverage Qubole Presto