Powering Real-time decisions with Big Data and Microservices, Siddhant Srivastava, Swiggy

Presented by Siddhant Srivastava, Principle Software Engineer, Swiggy In most modern e-commerce, a microservice architecture drives continuous business while large scale Big Data applications add value to them from time to time. There is usually a clear boundary between these two worlds with a narrow stream of information moving across the barrier. With Data Lake architecture and the ecosystem around it maturing, there is no reason for this barrier to exist anymore. We must strive to move towards a world where we build applications that are built over data lake and a continuous stream of data that can provide real-time decisioning power to the rest of the stack. In this talk, we discuss about ideas and practices that allow us to build Data Products that are powered by Big Data but are lean and lightweight to be integrated directly to Microservice based architectures.