Maximizing Spot Utilization & Minimizing Job Loss – On-Demand Webinar

Join Sandeep Dabade, Lead Solution Architect at Qubole, to explore how to avoid reliability issues, delays, troubleshooting problems, and cost overruns for your AWS Spot jobs. Sandeep is joined by Dhiraj Sehgal, Director of Product Marketing at Qubole, to share the lessons of one of our customers—a large enterprise cloud content management company. The customer runs several sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) predictive models that rely on ETL jobs using Apache Spark. The job would fail intermittently, causing reliability issues, delays, and troubleshooting problems—aside from cost overruns and the business ramifications for its clients. Learn how we resolved these issues and ensured the job ran reliably with the best performance possible and at the right cost with the maximum utilization of AWS Spot instances.