5 Reasons Why a Multi-tenant Data Lake is a Different Ballgame – Pravanjan Choudhury, Capillary

Presented by Pravanjan Choudhury, CTO, Capillary. Capillary’s Multi-Tenant Data Lake powers 250+ enterprise retailers and consumer brands in a SaaS model on the cloud. The data lake, built on Apache Spark, provides the “Consumer Data Platform” for our customers of various verticals like Retail, Grocery, FnB, Jewelry, etc. This data platform generates the essential insights that form the base for effective marketing engagement and eventually leads to consumer retention and loyalty. Any multi-tenant platform must cater to the commonality and uniqueness of its tenants. Similarly, this platform deals with each customer’s unique analytics requirements, data schema, and data availability. The talk focuses on the key aspects of modeling such a system around the modern data lake concepts.