Finning International Selects Qubole to Help Make Data Operations Easier, More Convenient and more Cost-effective

Framing the Business Problem

Finning is committed to partnering with its customers on solutions that improve their business performance. In support of its Digital Finning strategic priority, a big focus for Finning has been to improve its ability to collect, source and optimize data from equipment to achieve better business outcomes for its customers and itself.

Two years ago, the global Finning Digital division was formed with the goal of connecting data and technology to better its customer outcomes and experiences. Its team is pursuing these specific short- and longer-term initiatives:

  1. Improve business operations by creating a single data platform to utilize extensive amounts of under-used data.
  2. Build apps and predictive machine learning models to improve maintenance of Finning’s heavy equipment fleet.

The sheer amount of incoming data requires additional digital capabilities to ingest and curate data – even before starting any analysis and use case development. Progress will take shape in stages.


<about company="Finning International" logo="" link="" description="was founded in 1933 and ranks #1 as the largest global distributor of Caterpillar equipment and services. The company focuses on cost and operational efficiency solutions for their customers and operates in Canada, South America, and the UK & Ireland. Finning Digital is a specialized global division within Finning committed to providing customers with solutions that improve their business by integrating deep industry expertise with digital technologies. The division provides technology-based solutions that support the Finning business as it partners with customers on ways to improve the safety, health, and productivity of their operations while managing costs.">

Unifying Finning Data

Finning funded a key initiative to build out a data platform that can procure, curate, clean and make data available to other initiatives within the company.

Over time, Finning Digital’s team of analysts and data scientists applied Qubole in managing Finning’s growing volumes of high- frequency data that would require additional capabilities from its cloud infrastructure.

Qubole makes cloud-based cluster computing much easier for Finning’s data scientists and offers a cost-saving benefit by cutting administrative overhead through its workload-aware auto-scaling and cluster management capabilities.

Senior Data Architect Sarb Sankaria cites its automated cluster management features that significantly cut down how often his team must manually shut down clusters and bring them back up for updates. There is also autonomy in serving all types of users for all types of use cases, that can scale up or down. Sarkaria also pinpoints convenience as the reason for selecting Qubole – namely, the convenience of a single platform where all users can share their information.

Qubole’s full support for Microsoft Azure enables Finning to manage data operations more easily and autoscale up massively as required.


<quote content="With Qubole we can help teams do their job more easily. we can help make it a simpler process to automate and improve the quality of the insights they generate." author="Sarb Sarkaria, Senior Data Architect, Finning International">

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