A Best-in-class Open Data Lake Platform

What is Qubole?

Qubole, an Idera Inc company, provides an open, simple, and secure data lake platform for machine learning, streaming analytics, data exploration, and ad-hoc analytics. No other platform offers the openness and data workload flexibility of Qubole while radically accelerating data lake adoption, reducing time to value, and lowering cloud spending by 50 percent. Qubole is trusted by more than 300 leading brands such as Expedia, Disney, Epic Games, and Adobe, amongst others, to spur innovation and transform their businesses for the era of big data.

No other platform provides this level of openness and data workload flexibility

Building Scalable Data Pipelines For Machine Learning

Better Streaming Analytics

  • Comprehensive operational management and continuous insights
  • Holistically manage the lifecycle of streaming applications
  • Lower the cost of your streaming pipelines by leveraging intelligent spot/ preemptible node management
  • Track key metrics such as micro-batch latency, processing rate, and state store size through built-in integration with Prometheus/Grafana

Qubole is an open and flexible platform. It is cloud native and agnostic, supporting distributed Open Source engines for daily tasks for multiple personas.