General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Trust and Transparency for your Big Data Workloads.

Your big data use cases don’t need to be burdened by hard to understand overhead. Qubole helps you ensure success and GDPR readiness by defining boundaries and helping you minimize your risk. Qubole is designed to keep your data safe in your cloud platform provider account and analyze the workloads there with a simple to use interface.

cloud native

Data Portability

Using the Qubole API Interface, you can extract queries and job histories. You can automate workflows and data processing and, as always, Qubole analyzes, reads and writes all results directly in your cloud provider account.



Qubole monitors intrusions, integrity, vulnerabilities constantly across the entire platform. We believe that security is fundamental to your business and since big data analysis drives your critical decision making, security awareness is incorporated in all aspects of our business model—from product design and development, to day-to-day corporate operations, we are constantly building and improving our robust security programs.

Accountability & Transparency

Qubole has created a comprehensive Data Processing Addendum which is an extension of the Master Services Agreement.


Data Protection Team

Qubole has a dedicated compliance and privacy team who will continue to evaluate and recommend if additional steps are needed to meet GDPR.

Additional Documentation

Qubole Data Processing Addendum
Qubole Subprocessor List