Presto is an open-source ANSI SQL-based real-time querying engine developed by Facebook and is particularly suitable for workloads where a faster engine is needed for highly interactive data exploration, or where a fully ANSI-compliant version of SQL is preferred as a query language


A self-managing and self-optimizing implementation of Presto

Qubole offers the first Autonomous Data Platform implementation of the Apache Presto open source project.

Runs on your choice of popular public Cloud infrastructure

Leverages the platform’s AIR (Alerts, Insights, Recommendations) capabilities to help data teams focus on the outcome, instead of the platform

Cloud Agent technology augments original Presto with a self-managing and self-optimizing platform:

Cloud-optimized for faster workload performance

  • Smarter object storage access for split computation, batching of writes, pre-fetching, and multiple caching layers, SSD Caching

Easier to integrate with existing data sets and tools

  • ODBC/JDBC drivers
  • Database connectors (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle DB, RDS, Redshift, Kinesis, and many others)
  • Exhaustive dictionary of REST APIs for application integration

Secure, cost-effective alternative to data warehousing solutions

  • Data does not leave the customer’s account
  • Data is not changed to any proprietary format, reducing lock-in
  • Faster query performance than leading data warehousing solutions
  • Significant cost savings over leading data warehousing solutions thanks to Workload Aware Auto-scaling and Spot Shopper (AWS) Agents

User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

  • Custom user-defined functions allow easy migration of existing Presto queries to QDS

Best-in-class security

  • HDFS and SSL encryption
  • SAML Authentication
  • VPC support
  • Dual IAM roles


QDS for Microsoft Azure