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Whether your project entails migrating from an on-prem big-data platform, adding autonomous data management capabilities to your existing cloud solution, or creating a new big-data enabled application, Qubole offers a combination of pricing packages designed to simplify your budgeting, avoid cost overruns and maximize the return on your investment.


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  • Ideal for small scale deployments and companies developing big data applications
  • Full-featured production environment
  • Uses your existing cloud account
  • Community support
  • Standard support upgrade option
  • Up to 5 users
  • Maximum monthly computer hours varies by cloud
  • Works on all cloud services


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  • Ideal for larger organizations with multiple projects or use cases
  • Full-featured production environment
  • Uses your existing cloud account
  • Premium support
  • Works on all cloud services
  • ADD ON FEATURES: Cloud Agents
    • Minimize resources consumed
    • Reduce costs
    • Automate repetitive, low-level activities

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Security & Confidentiality

Qubole takes the security and the confidentiality of your data seriously and is a part of our entire product development process from conception to deployment. Qubole provides advanced security monitoring of all infrastructure and provides our customers granular access controls which provides you the tools to manage and control access to your data. Qubole has designed security to detect and avoid gaps that may lead to concerns and Qubole constantly monitors and adjusts security to ensure you and your data are protected. Qubole participates in many programs including numerous 3rd party audits of the Qubole service and infrastructure to ensure we can prove we do what we say we do and you can trust that we have your best interests in mind throughout.

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