One Interface for All Users

Drive innovation with a unified interface for data engineering, analysis, data science, and administration. Qubole lets you leverage familiar tools, languages, and skills in an easy-to-use common User Interface (UI).

Common User Interface

Any type of user can interact with Qubole within our common UI.


Data EngineerData AnalystData Scientist
3rd Party ETL Tools3rd Party BI Tools3rd Party Data Science Tools


The Explore page allows you to search data from multiple sources by using Hive tables, connecting to data buckets in cloud storage, or connecting directly to a supported database.


The Compose page displays a query composer and editor used to author and executes a wide variety of commands for data import, export, querying multiple cloud data warehouses, creating workflows, executing shell commands, or querying with multiple open sources frameworks such as Apache Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Pig, and Presto.


Qubole command templates enable you to compose a command or query once and modify or add parameters as many times as required.


The Analyze page is used to compose and run queries or commands against data sets. It’s also used to exchange data between various databases using the data import or export commands.


Notebooks offer a convenient way to save, share, and re-run queries, reports, and interactive visualizations using Zeppelin or Jupyter and leveraging a wide variety of interpreters.


Dashboards allow you to share pre-built reports, analyses, or interactive visualizations from notebooks with any user, including those without a Qubole login.


Workspace allows you to save a query from the Compose page so you can re-run or return to the query at a later time. You can save queries that use Apache Hive, Hadoop, Spark, Pig, or Presto as well as view or download results and logs.

APIs and Drivers

Qubole offers a comprehensive set of REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to manage all platform functions covering administration, operation, data access, reporting, notebooks and dashboards, metadata, object policy, role-based access, and applications, among others.

Qubole also supports ODBC/JDBC access to data.

Rest API
Account APIApps APICluster API
Command APICommand Template APICustom Metastore API
DbTap APIEditions APIFolder API
Groups APIHive Metadata APINotebook API
Object Policy APIPackage Management Environment APIReports API
Roles APIScheduler APISensor API
Users APIAPIs for Qubole on Microsoft AzureAPIs for Qubole on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure