Big Data Financial Governance

Financial governance in big data deployments is a top-of-mind initiative for every CEO and CFO around the world.

Qubole’s data platform provides a rich set of financial governance capabilities that alleviate the pain points of implementing a big data strategy with more traditional infrastructures. Big data platforms have a bursty and unpredictable nature that tend to exacerbate the inefficiencies of an on-premises data center infrastructure. Many companies who perform a lift and shift of their infrastructure to the cloud face the same challenges realizing their big data promise, because replicating the existing setup prevents you from leveraging cloud-native functionality.

Qubole is a cloud-native, self-optimizing data platform that automatically scales to meet workload requirements. The platform intelligently optimizes resources to assign more capacity when needed and release resources when workloads require less capacity.

Qubole’s Financial Governance Framework

Our financial governance framework consists of a four-step cyclical process as depicted below: input controls, automation, monitoring, and recommendations.


Identify areas of cost optimization to drive maximum performance for the lowest TCO


Monitor total costs at the application, user, and account level

Input Controls

Provide admins the ability to control and design the infrastructure spend


Automatically optimize clusters for lower infrastructure spend based on custom-defined parameters

The Qubole Philosophy for Financial Governance

Qubole offers the most advanced big data financial governance in the industry today. Our philosophy stands on three pillars: optimization, automation, and customization.

1. Optimization

We provide the best set of capabilities for autonomous and policy-based cost optimization without sacrificing service level agreements (SLAs). With Qubole, you can continuously reduce costs based on policy, preference, and autonomous self-learning.

2. Automation

Qubole delivers powerful automatic controls that enable administrators 
to control spend at will, overriding policy, preference, or autonomous 

  • Consistently optimize consumption of resources (performance improvements by engine to complete jobs more efficiently)
  • Consume lower-priced resources (workload-aware autoscaling; admin-defined heterogeneous cluster configurations; only provision resources when needed, whether On-demand or Spot)
  • Eliminate unnecessary resource consumption (aggressive downscaling, at-will shut down)
  • Throttle queries based on monetary limits (budget)

3. Customization

Qubole offers a rich set of custom-configurable controls. We provide insight into key sources of spend — including locations, time, people, and processes — as well as the controls to apply unprecedented levels of customization.

  • Tracking of usage and spend
  • Pattern analysis — spend, consumption, seasonality, etc.
  • Policy enforcement
  • Prevention