Discover, query, and visualize data with a unified platform for data analysts. Solve today’s most pressing data challenges without the hassle of traditional provisioning methods, data bottlenecks, or cluster performance issues.

Data Exploration – Query and Visualize Data with Ease

Data analysts need a way to query all data — structured and unstructured — without worrying about infrastructure configurations or data access obstacles. Qubole’s common interface provides direct access to all data for analysts across your organization, including those without SQL query experience. 

Query, visualize, and collaborate on data insights using notebooks and the Business Intelligence (BI) tool of your choice leveraging Presto or Apache Hive. The Qubole data platform provides a managed infrastructure that enables you to focus all of your attention on data exploration and discovery — whether you need to generate interactive or ad hoc queries or scheduled reports.


Data Democratization

Discover data sets and conduct queries without waiting for data administrators to provision compute clusters and resources. Solve multi-user complexities and enable cross-functional problem-solving with built-in ACLs (users, groups, and accounts). Drive interactive, ad hoc, and scheduled workloads through the processing engine of your choice with an easy-to-use SQL query wizard.

Data Access

Access data and metadata easily with Qubole’s integrated user interface. Offline capabilities let you inspect queries and notebooks without running a cluster. Eliminate data access roadblocks with a unified metastore and zero downtime for migrations and upgrades.


Cluster Configuration

With Qubole, there’s no need to constantly try to predict the right capacity required for running queries, including ad hoc queries that are typically unpredictable and bursty. The Qubole platform self-optimizes to manage diverse workloads without impacting SLAs. 

By using Qubole, data engineers and platform administrators remove the guesswork of cluster configuration and provisioning capacity to avoid query overruns and ensure query performance for all data analysts. Learn more about Big Data Analytics in the Cloud.

Presto Query

Query with Presto when you have very large workloads that require a faster engine for highly interactive data exploration, or when you prefer a fully ANSI-compliant version of SQL. Those already using Presto can easily migrate queries to the Qubole platform through custom user-defined functions. Leverage built-in workload-aware autoscaling capabilities for faster query performance.

Hive Query

Import data into Hive and conduct batch SQL queries while maintaining performance reliability and stability. Run SQL-like queries against data stored in Hive tables to extract valuable business insights. Leverage the Hive Metastore to present users with easy-to-understand schemas of data as well as complete statistics on data usage in data exploration, query optimization, and query compilation.



Use notebooks to create dashboards with predefined, scheduled queries and visualizations or build new ad hoc queries from scratch. Offline access to queries and notebooks means you can review and inspect results without needing to run a cluster. The notebooks API also allows you to programmatically access notebooks created within Qubole.

BI Tools

Use the tool you’re most comfortable working with to explore data and run queries. Interact with Looker, Tableau, or any ODBC- and JDBC-compliant BI tool. Share data results across visualizations, BI, data mining, or machine learning solutions.



Consume information visually and interactively run queries by changing parameters. Dashboards offer a simple way for end users and business analysts to easily consume data insights.

Data-Driven Enterprises

Create reader-friendly reports that enable everyone to answer their own questions and help you build a data-driven culture. Collaborate on data from scheduled and ad hoc queries in Hive or Presto using dashboards or your chosen BI tool. Whether you’re viewing an existing dashboard or creating a new one, data is always available through Qubole.

The Qubole interface makes it easy for our developers to go to a notebook, pick a cluster, and get started with a query. They don’t have to worry about managing the cluster, and they’re able to collaborate with other developers easily by sharing notebooks. -Lucas Waye, Principal Engineer, TiVo
We had very large datasets and had to run queries every day to populate smaller normalized tables so that we could analyze data over time. This required writing Python scripts, which can be time-consuming for our business analysts. Making our business users self-sufficient got us where we wanted to be. -Adam Rose, Head of Engineering - Adobe Advertising Cloud
Qubole increases the speed and agility of democratizing data to end users and services once data is in the cloud by providing a unified and collaborative data platform. -Jon King, Manager of Data Engineering, Ibotta