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The #1 Cloud-Native Data Platform for Self-Service AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics

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Qubole is a multi-cloud self-service data platform for data engineering, analytics, and machine learning on data lakes.

It is a fast, easy-to-use, and fully automated environment for end-to-end data processing — including batch and streaming ETL, ad hoc SQL queries, model training, and deployment — for analytics and machine learning.

Pre-defined Visualizations


Interact, Analyze and Visualize your data with pre-built dashboard and associated tiles.

Qubole provides out-of-box most common dashboards tiles such as TCO, Cost Explorer, Cluster health, Activity, etc for users to remain informed about the metrics they want to monitor and take actions accordingly.

3rd Party Integrations


Qubole APIs and SDK make integration easy

Leverage Qubole APIs and SDK to programmatically access data from Qubole for 3rd Party software tools such as infrastructure monitoring apps.

Create Your Own Dashboards


Gather, organize and visualize all your business data in one place as per organizational and persona needs.

User can grab data from any table in their schema and turn it into a single report or metric. User can share these reports and metric on pre-defined schedule via email or notifications with other users.

We had very large datasets and had to run queries every day to populate smaller normalized tables so that we could analyze data over time. This required writing Python scripts, which can be time-consuming for our business analysts. Making our business users self-sufficient got us where we wanted to be. - Adam Rose, Head of Engineering - Adobe Advertising Cloud