Qubole on Azure—The Right Choice

See all the reasons why Qubole is better than HDInsight for running machine learning and analytics in the cloud.

Why Qubole over HDInsight

Fastest path to value from big data in the cloud

Save time and money on setup and management of your big data platform

Automatically scale capacity quickly based on your workloads

I am very happy with Qubole! Our goal at MediaMath was to take our existing industry-leading infrastructure to the next level handling new complex analytics tasks. Qubole has helped us achieve this goal with minimal risk. - Rene Englehardt, VP Analytics, MediaMath
Qubole helped prevent us from making bad decisions that cost the business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. - Robert Barclay, VP of Data and Analytics, Return Path
Qubole gave us the usability and scalability we need to drive insights from adoption of big data across our entire enterprise. Making our business users self-sufficient got us where we wanted to be. - Adam Rose, Head of Engineering, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Top 5 Reasons Qubole is Better

Financial governance and sustainable cloud economics

Reduce cloud costs by 50% or more with capabilities such as workload-aware autoscaling, automatic cluster start/stop, and heterogeneous cluster configurations, among others.

Superior, unconstrained performance

Achieve 30-40% better query performance for Apache Spark and 20% better query performance for Hive with Qubole’s optimized cluster startup and shutdown times.

A single self-service platform for all your data needs

Qubole automates the installation, configuration, and maintenance of clusters, multiple open-source engines, and purpose-built tools for data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. This is how Qubole delivers administrator-to-user ratios of 1:200 or higher. See how Qubole helps Malaysian Airlines drive profitability.
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Federated queries across big data sources with Qubole Presto and Power BI

Run ad hoc analytics combining unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data with native Presto clusters and BI tools like Microsoft Power BI. All with the same performance, auto-scaling, and optimizations available to any other open-source engine running on Qubole.

Unleash your productivity with Qubole

Work smarter with native Apache Spark notebooks, notebook sharing with Access Control Lists, offline viewing, notebook refresh scheduling, auto-saving to cloud storage, dashboards, and support for Apache Airflow for built-in scheduling and workflows.

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