GCP Data Engineering Workshop

What is the GCP Data Engineering Workshop?

GCP Data Engineering workshops are hands-on technical events for Data Engineers and Product Developers. Register now to learn how to acquire and transform data sets for data science and analytics. We’ll walk through how to make data sets available to different users and fully leverage a GCP data lake throughout your organization.

You’ll have access to a pre-configured Qubole environment that will be loaded with datasets and the appropriate tools, including Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Airflow, as well as interactive notebooks for you to build an end-to-end solution that addresses common business scenarios.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Acquire and transform data sets and leverage a GCP data lake throughout your organization
  • Transform data sets with Spark and Hive, and build interactive dashboards
  • Seamlessly interact with data sources like BigQuery through SQL Workbench
  • Use Qubole Notebooks interface to perform interactive data analysis and seamlessly build AI/ML models using Spark or custom python packages

Coming to a City Near you:

GCP Data Engineering Workshop, Mumbai

25 January 2020

GCP Data Engineering Workshop, Delhi

1 February 2020