Presto on Qubole: 2.6x Faster than alternatives on major public clouds

Experience Presto on Qubole for SQL Analytics on AWS, Free for 30 Days

Data lake teams at companies like Nextdoor and Autodesk are achieving best-in-class price/performance ratios when processing 1000s of TB of data with Presto on Qubole. On an average they achieve:

  • 50% EC2 cost reduction for Presto
  • Cost Explorer to help users easily identify job costs.
  • 90% Spot utilization due to Qubole’s workload-aware autoscaling
  • 100% workload success rate with Spot retention between 95% –> 100%
  • Qubole Presto is 2.6-3x faster than Preso
  • 1:100 admin to user ratio

But don’t take our word for it. Run your Presto workload on Qubole. Get 30 days free use of Qubole, up to 10k cloud infrastructure credits (eligibility criteria applies), up to 10 days of Solution Architect support plus a few extras. Start your evaluation now.

Key Benefits of Presto on Qubole

Performance Boost

  • + Dynamic Filtering
  • + Fast Caching with RubiX
  • + Smart Query Retry

Lower Cloud Cost

  • + Intelligent Flexible Node Management
  • + Workload-aware Autoscaling
  • + Heterogeneous Cluster Support
  • + Safeguards Against Runaway Queries

Ease of Use

  • + Simplified Cluster Configuration
  • + Zero Downtime Upgrades
  • + Comprehensive Administration Experience

Enterprise Ready

  • + Enterprise-grade Security
  • + Apache Ranger Support
  • + JDBC/ODBC Connectors
  • + Built-in Connection with Tableau, Looker & PowerBI