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Empower your data users while reducing costs and increasing the productivity of your data teams.

The Activation Gap, Explained

Today every company is in the data business. Yet the transformational promise of big data success remains elusive: only 15 percent of big data projects meet expectations, and more than 70 percent of the potential value remains unrealized.

The critical challenge for today’s enterprises is how to balance their users’ data demands with the economics of scaling up their data operations. As the volume, variety, and velocity of data grow exponentially, data teams put increased pressure on their infrastructure and staffing resources. Often, IT infrastructure and skills simply cannot keep up with user demand, which leads to the activation gap.

Data teams are getting overrun

increasing workloads, costs and risks

More users want on demand access to data

Manual provisioning makes it impossible to scale

Exploding data changing workloads, new data types overwhelm data team

Missed SLAs: data delayed is data denied

Not enough expertise to go around: 190K unfilled jobs in US alone

The Consequence: The Activation Gap

Upside-down economics are holding back the business

What sets successful companies apart today is their ability to shift to a big data activation strategy to exponentially activate petabytes of data faster, for everyone, while continuously reducing costs.